Comparison between CN Post and the Canvas Discussions tool

Since the focus of CN Post (sometimes referred to as CourseNetworking) is communication with other students, instructors may wish to use it to replace the Discussions tool in Canvas, which offers a more traditional discussion forum. Instructors might also choose to use Canvas Discussions for formal course discussion, while encouraging students to expand their learning with informal conversations on CN Post. Following are some of the differences between the two tools. If you want to add or remove either tool in the course navigation, see How do I manage Course Navigation links?

For more about Discussions, see What are Discussions?

Function CN Post Canvas Discussions
  • Social media look and feel
  • See post content right away
  • Use hashtags to label and search content
  • Threaded discussion forum
  • See topics first, then open content
Text entry
Simple text editor; must use LaTeX for mathematical formulas
HTML editor supports more layout options, special characters, and mathematical formulas
Attach files or images, embed YouTube videos, or include web links
Attach files, embed images or YouTube videos, or include web links
Post visibility settings
  • To this course
  • To this course and my other courses
  • To this course and Global Classmates
  • To course groups
  • To only me
  • Post to this course
  • Hide for now (unpublish)

Option: Users must post before seeing replies

Polls Yes No
Search posts by keywords; advanced filters and sorting methods
Search discussion by keywords
Connecting with participants
Contact or connect to post and reflection creators directly from the post
No similar functionality
Incentive system
Anar (pomegranate) seeds awarded automatically for posting and replying
Instructors can set up graded discussions; see What are Discussions?

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