Request a Team in Microsoft Teams at IU or a Shared Drive in Google at IU Shared Drives

At Indiana University, you can request additional storage in any of these four storage options:

  • Microsoft Teams at IU
  • Microsoft at IU Secure Storage
  • Google at IU Shared Drives
  • Google at IU Secure Storage

To request additional storage, submit the Institutional storage request form.

The "Secure Storage" options are distinguished by the classification of the data to be stored. If you designate the highest classification level as Critical or Restricted data, the new storage site will automatically be created as either Microsoft Secure Storage or Google Secure Storage. Microsoft Secure Storage is a Microsoft Teams space, and Google Secure Storage is a Shared Drive, but with additional security applied. Once you have submitted the form, the new storage site will be created immediately.

If your Microsoft Teams site was initially requested without external sharing enabled, and you later need to enable it, see Enable external sharing in Microsoft Teams at IU.

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