Access ZoomText on an STC Desktop in IUanyWare


The steps below explain how to access ZoomText, a screen magnification software available on an SC Desktop in IUanyWare.

Before you begin

You will need to have the latest version of the Citrix Workspace app installed on your computer before using IUanyWare. If Citrix Workspace isn't on your computer, follow the instructions to Install the Citrix Workspace app.

If you need to use magnification on your computer or mobile device to login and access IUanyWare, be sure to activate it before following the steps below.

Access ZoomText

  1. Log into IUanyWare.
  2. If a "Welcome to Citrix Receiver" page appears, select the Detect Receiver button. If you are prompted to open the Citric Workspace Launcher, select Allow.
  3. In the IUanyWare interface, select the Desktops tab.
  4. Under "Desktops", navigate to and select STC Lab Desktop.
    If you are required to use one of the other STC desktops for your major, select it instead.
  5. From the "STC Lab Desktop" menu that appears, select Open. If you are prompted to open the Citric Workspace Launcher, select Allow.
  6. One of the following scenarios will happen:
    1. If a web browser notification window called "Open Citrix Workspace Launcher?" appears:
      1. Select the "Always allow to open links of this type in the associated app" checkbox.
      2. Select the Open Citrix Workspace Launcher button.
    2. If the Citrix Viewer STC Lab Desktop window doesn't appear, select the Open link from the "STC Lab Desktop Menu" again.
      Chrome may have downloaded the file needed to execute the STC Desktop, but it didn't trigger the autolauncher. Check under Chrome downloads for a xxxxxx.ICA file and open it to launch the STC Lab Desktop.
    3. The Citrix Viewer STC Lab Desktop window will appear on your screen and automatically begin the login process. This can take about 30 seconds to 1 minute.
      If you need magnification, press Win - +  (plus sign). to launch Magnifier.
  7. In the "Citrix Viewer STC Lab Desktop" window, press Win, type ZoomText 2020, and then press Enter.
  8. The ZoomText splash screen will appear. If you launched Magnifier, press Win-Esc to exit at this time.
  9. Next you should see a "Welcome to ZoomText" dialog box with some introductory information. When you are finished reading it, select the OK button.
    If the "ZoomText Updates Available" dialog box appears, select the No button.
  10. The ZoomText startup wizard window will appear next:
    1. Leave "Language" set to English.
    2. Select the "Synthesizer" from the dropdown box.
    3. Select the "Voice" from the dropdown box.
    4. Select the Next button.
    5. Leave "Enable ZoomText in the Windows logon prompt" unchecked.
    6. Leave "Start ZoomText automatically when Windows starts" unchecked.
    7. Select the Next button.
    8. Leave "Enable ZoomText Error Reporting" unchecked.
    9. Select the Finish button.
  11. ZoomText is now ready to use on the STC Desktop.

Learn more

For additional ZoomText support, contact your campus Support Center.

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