At IU, what email systems are available?

Following is an overview of the existing email systems at Indiana University. Each campus allocates email accounts slightly differently; see At IU, what is my email address?

UITS no longer allows the creation of Imail or Cyrus (Webmail) accounts, in anticipation of the retirement of those services. See About the Imail retirement and About the Cyrus (Webmail) retirement.

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Email for students

UITS is preparing to retire the Imail service, and users can no longer create new Imail accounts. Current users are not affected at this time, and will be given at least six months' notice before Imail is discontinued. For more, see About the Imail retirement.

Indiana University undergraduate students have two options for email and other online communication services: Imail (powered by Microsoft) and Umail (powered by Google). Graduate and professional students are also eligible for Exchange accounts.

For more, see Imail and Umail.

Undergraduate student employees, or undergraduates with a faculty or staff sponsor, may be eligible for Exchange email accounts. Graduate student academic appointees should see About email for graduate SAAs

Email for faculty and staff

Cyrus mail system

UITS will retire the Cyrus (Webmail) service on September 30, 2015. Optional automatic migration of mail accounts from Cyrus began in February. For more, see About the Cyrus (Webmail) retirement and About moving your Cyrus (Webmail) account to Exchange.

The Cyrus mail system provides straightforward email. For more, see What is Cyrus mail?

Depending on the arrangements at your campus, you may be able to reach your mail in one or more of the following ways:

  • IU Webmail lets you read and send Cyrus mail directly from any web browser on or off campus, with no special configuration necessary. For details, see What is IU Webmail?
  • You may also be able to configure an IMAP mail client, such as Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail, to retrieve mail from the Cyrus mail system; see Reading your Cyrus email .

Note: The options above are simply different clients with which to read your email. They are independent of your mailbox. To change between them, you do not have to set up special forwarding for your mail. Regardless of the client you use, incoming mail will be delivered to your account on the Cyrus mail system.

Microsoft Exchange

Exchange accounts provide integrated messaging features, such as shared departmental calendars, in addition to email. Exchange accounts are available for staff, faculty, and graduate or professional students, and for sponsored undergraduate students. For more, see At IU, what are Exchange accounts, and how do I get one?

You may access your Exchange account as follows:

More options

  • Some departments offer their own mail servers for their members. Contact your department's computing support provider for details.
  • If you maintain your own Unix or Linux workstation and would like to receive your mail there, the Support Center can help with configuration information, including customized sendmail distributions.
  • You can use a non-IU mail provider, such as Hotmail, Gmail, or another third-party Internet service provider (ISP). However, if you choose this option, it is unlikely that UITS or your department will be able to provide much help if you run into problems. Also, you are still responsible for reading email sent to your IU account; see At IU, what is the policy about official communications from the university to students?

Whichever option you choose, be sure to set your preferred address so that your email will be directed to the right system. For more, see At IU, how do I choose or change my primary email address and preferred email service?

When you graduate

For information about lifelong IU email addresses available to all IU alumni, see At IU, what happens to my student computing accounts when I graduate, leave the university, transfer to another campus, or study abroad?

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