Your IU Active Directory Services (ADS) domain account

At Indiana University, your University account and your ADS domain account each allow access to a variety of services. The passphrases for both of these accounts, as well as many other IU computing accounts, are synchronized when you reset or change your passphrase.

Your ADS domain account allows you to:

  • Log into Windows computers in the Student Technology Centers (STCs) at Indiana University Bloomington and IU Indianapolis
  • Access your IU Exchange account
  • Authenticate via IU Login to IU services (for example, One.IU, Canvas, IUCAT, many other administrative online services)
  • Access the IU virtual private network (VPN) on your home computer

Your ADS domain account passphrase should be the same as your University account passphrase. If you have an ADS domain account but are unable to log into the ADS domain, change your passphrase.

If you still have problems, contact your local UITS support person or your campus Support Center.

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