Perform a basic search for a report object in the IUIE

From either the IUIE Master Catalog tab or the Test Catalog tab, the Search Catalog link allows you to perform a basic or advanced search for report objects. By default, Search Catalog performs the search in the selected catalog.

The search function uses simple parameters that look for report objects within either the Master or Test Catalog, based on the text entered in the "Search" field. The IUIE searches on the "label name", "description", "instruction", and "technical name" fields. The returned results are ordered by the label name and display the corresponding technical name and a description of the report object.

The basic search will look for the exact search string in the "label name", "description", and "instruction" fields of all IUIE report objects found in a selected catalog. You can use the percent sign ( %) as a wildcard in your search. For example, acc%pay will match fields that contain phrases like "account pay", "accounting payment", and "accountants that are paying".

To perform a basic search:

  1. Select the catalog in which to search (Master Catalog or Test Catalog).
  2. Select Search Catalog.
  3. Enter part of a report name or a descriptive search phrase in the text box, and then select Search.

The search output will list the report objects within the catalog you selected that have a label name, description, or set of instructions that match your search phrase. Report objects that you can access will appear in black text with the corresponding icon. Restricted report objects will appear in gray text with a blank icon. To open a report object, select its link.

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