About U2F tokens for Two-Step Login (Duo)

At Indiana University, you can use U2F tokens to authenicate with Two-Step Login (Duo). For details about using U2F tokens with Two-Step Login (Duo), see U2F Authenticators and Duo. As another option, you can get a single-button hardware token from your campus Support Center; see About single-button hardware tokens for Two-Step Login (Duo).

If you wish to use a U2F token, you or your department will need to purchase one. UITS suggests using the Fido U2F Security Key, a specially designed YubiKey by Yubico.

U2F tokens will only work in a Chrome, Opera, or Firefox browser connected to the internet; Firefox requires advanced configuration. The tokens also need to be physically inserted into a USB port, and therefore will not work on most mobile devices.

To see how this works, view a video about using a U2F token with Duo.

If you plan to use your U2F token with a group account, you should add the token to your personal username first, and then add it to the group account. See Use Two-Step Login (Duo) with a group account.

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