Using Course Search, how do I search for courses?

The iGPS (Interactive Graduation Planning System) Course Search is Indiana University's enhanced tool for finding courses and scheduled classes. Course Search combines data from the course catalog, campus bulletins, and the schedule of classes, making it easier for students to find the courses they want.

Course Search integrates with the iGPS Plan and the SIS Academic Planner.

The Course Search tool provides the same information as the SIS Class Search and Browse Course Catalog functionality; Course Search allows more effective keyword searching than does the SIS tool.

On this page:

  1. Go to Search Courses (iGPS) in One.IU, and click Start.
    A link to "Course Search" is also available at the top of the "SIS Class Search" and "Browse Course Catalog" pages.
  2. Campus will be preselected for students. If desired, you may select a different campus.
  3. Degree Level will be preselected. To change this, use the checkboxes to add or remove a degree level.
  4. From the Offered drop-down list, select the term or terms to search:
    • Any term searches any of the terms available.
    • Projected terms searches terms in which the classes are projected to be offered.
    • Scheduled terms searches within any of the available terms but not projected terms.
  5. In the search box, type a search query. This can be a combination of one or more of the following:
    • Subject code, such as ENG-L
    • Course catalog number, such as 131
    • Partial course catalog number, such as 1xx
    • Department name, such as English
    • Keywords from the course title, course description, class description, or course attributes
  6. Click Go. Your search results will appear below.
  7. To change the campus, degree level, or term(s) searched, click Change Criteria. This will take you back to the original search page. You have the following options:
    • To change the search terms, type the new terms in the search box and click Go.
    • To narrow search results by GenEd requirement, credits, course level, subject area, or search terms, click one or more of the options on the left.
    • To advance through search results, click the page numbers at the bottom.
    • To view the course overview, click any title.
    • To view information for scheduled classes, select the term. This will display section details for the scheduled courses for that term.

Bookmarking a course

You can bookmark a course in two ways:

  • From the "Search Results" page, click the star icon next to the appropriate course; the star will turn yellow. To remove the bookmark, click it again.
  • From the "Course Overview" page, click Bookmark Course.

You can view your bookmarks from anywhere in Course Search by clicking Bookmarks at the top of the page.

Adding a course to your iGPS Plan

  1. From the search results, click the checkbox for the course you want to add to your plan. Alternatively, from the "Course Overview" page, click Add To Plan.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select the term you would like to put the course into.
  3. Optionally, you can mark the course as a backup course by checking Mark as 'Backup' course.
  4. Click Add To Plan.

Other ways to access courses

To access courses from your campus registrar website, go to Course Browser in One.IU, and click Start.

You can also view the Schedule of Classes:

  1. Go to Schedule of Classes in One.IU, and click Start.
  2. To search for specific classes, use the drop-down menus and search criteria fields to choose a schedule and narrow your results. Alternatively, click Browse Course Catalog to view the offerings by campus or department.

    For most campuses, you can click a class's Details link for further information, including the books for each course.

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