Overview of IU computing accounts when students, faculty, or staff leave IU

Your eligibility to access and use Indiana University information technology resources is dependent upon your status with IU. The scope of access and use varies according to your status; for example, some IU computing accounts are available only to IU employees, and some are available only to IU students.

According to IU's Eligibility to Use Information Technology Resources (IT-03) policy, your eligibility to access and use IU computing accounts and resources, including licensed software, ceases when you no longer have the IU status that supports that eligibility. For example, if you are an enrolled student and part-time hourly employee at IU, and then you end your IU employment while maintaining your enrollment as an IU student, you become ineligible to access and use certain computing resources that were available to you at work but retain your eligibility to access and use computing resources available to enrolled IU students.

Role-specific information for when you leave IU:


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