Assign user groups to report objects in the IUIE

This information is for Data Managers and IUIE Publishers.

In the IUIE, you can assign user groups to report objects using the Master or Test Catalog, depending on the location of the report object:

  1. In the IUIE, select the Catalog tab, and then select Master Catalog or Test Catalog.
  2. At the bottom of the report object index on the left, select the Manage tab.
  3. In the report object index, navigate to the report to which you want to add a user group. Select its icon to expand the options.
  4. Select Edit Publishing Details. Editable details will appear on the right.
  5. Select Assign Object Level Access. To add a row-secured user group, select Assign Row-Secured Groups.
  6. On the "Assign Access to Object Level Groups" or "Access to Row-Secured Groups" page, in the "Available Groups" list, select the name of the user group you want to assign to the report object.
  7. Select Add ->, and the user group will be moved to the "Groups assigned to this RO" list. Once the user groups are assigned to the report object, the appropriate Data Manager must approve the assignment before it takes effect.
  8. To unassign a user group from the report object, in the "Groups assigned to this RO" list, select the name of the user group and choose <- Delete.
  9. Select Return to go back to the previous page.

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