Access your MySQL database on the RDC at IU

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MySQL clients


The Indiana University Research Database Complex (RDC) supports research-related MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and data-intensive applications that require databases. The RDC is strictly devoted to supporting research, and is not an instructional, classroom environment.

To connect to your account on the RDC, use one of the following:

Connect to your MySQL database


When you requested the creation of your RDC MySQL database, you received information that you need to connect to your database:

  • Your MySQL database login ("_root" username)
  • Information about your initial database password
  • Your database host and port number

If you no longer have this information, email the RDC Administration group for help.

Also, if you are off campus, make sure you're using IU VPN.

To access your MySQL database from a command-line client:

  1. At the command prompt, enter the following (replace username_root with your MySQL database login):
      mysql --port=3306 -u username_root -p
    For security reasons, do not enter your password on the MySQL command line.
  2. When prompted, enter your MySQL database password.
  3. When you log in successfully, you will be placed at the MySQL prompt (mysql>).

Get help

For help connecting to your MySQL database at IU, email the RDC Administration group.

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