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Use Microsoft Forms to quickly present forms, questionnaires, and surveys to users. You can create forms via the Microsoft Forms application, through Microsoft OneDrive at IU, or in Excel Online.


If you are eligible to use Microsoft 365 at IU, you are eligible to use this application and its related suite of products.

Data classification

If you'll be using a Microsoft form to collect institutional data, do not upload that data to OneDrive; for alternatives, see Options for storing files at IU.

Microsoft Forms is approved for data classified as Public or University-Internal data.

Use of this application to store, process, or transmit Critical or Restricted data (including, but not limited to, health data regulated by HIPAA and payment card data) must be specifically approved by the appropriate Data Stewards or responsible office (for example, the Office of the Treasurer for PCI data).


This application is included in Microsoft 365, and you can access it from Microsoft 365 at IU .

In addition, you can directly publish an Excel Online sheet as a form.

Create a form

You have multiple options for creating a form:

  • In the Microsoft Forms app itself, create a form using a link on the home page.
  • In Excel Online, use the Form button on the Home tab.
  • In OneDrive, click New +, and then select Form.

Learn the basics

To learn how to perform common tasks in Microsoft Forms, see the Microsoft Forms Help Center.

Troubleshooting, help, and feedback

If you have trouble with any application, sign out of Microsoft 365 and completely close your browser or mobile app, and then restart it. You can also switch to a different browser to see if that resolves the issue.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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