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IU Box accounts

IU Box accounts are available to all current students, faculty, and staff.

Box at Indiana University is not appropriate for storing or sharing most types of institutional data classified as Critical. However, with certain additional security measures you may be able to use IU Box with some data that contain protected health information (PHI) regulated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). For more, see Types of data appropriate for IU Box accounts.

Personal Box accounts

Personal Box accounts are available free to the public, but are not related in any way to the enterprise Box service at IU. Anyone can sign up for a free personal Box account; Box also offers fee-based "Personal Pro" accounts that provide greater flexibility and more storage space than the free personal accounts (see below for more about Box's fee-based plans). If you choose to create a personal Box account, use a non-IU email address and password of your choice.

You can share files from your personal Box account with your enterprise account, but make sure to follow appropriate security guidelines:

Compare (free) personal and IU Box accounts

Features Personal (free) accounts IU Box accounts
File size upload limit 250 MB 15 GB *
Available storage 10 GB Unlimited
Single sign-on integration
Password-protected sharing
Advanced collaboration features (for example, full-text search, download stats and tracking, version history)
Integration with institutional applications
Administrative console and advanced features
Enhanced enterprise logging features
Contractual protections for subscribing institutions

* For more about uploading large files to your IU Box account, see Maximum upload file size for IU Box.

Fee-based Box plans for individuals and businesses

In addition to free personal accounts, Box offers fee-based plans for individuals and businesses (these plans are not related in any way to IU Box accounts). For pricing and other details, see the Box Secure File Sharing Plans page. For a comparison of personal and business plan features, see the Box Personal - Business page (in PDF format).

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