Known issues with Exchange Online

IU's Exchange Online environment does not support IMAP. For email configuration instructions, including details for those using Linux and Thunderbird, see Configure your email client for Exchange Online.

The following is continually updated information about the status of known issues with Exchange Online at Indiana University.

If you are not prompted to authenticate with Two-Step Login (Duo), and you see an error that says "We're sorry, access is not allowed because you are not enrolled. Please contact your organization's IT help desk for assistance", you'll need to enroll a device in Duo before you can proceed. For more, see Get started with Two-Step Login (Duo) at IU.

Major issues

Issue Description Solution Status Last updated
Delegates may be unable to update calendar appointments created in the native Calendar app for iOS or iPadOS.
Delegates may find they are unable to make changes to appointments that were originally created in the Calendar app for iOS or iPadOS. No errors are displayed, but any changes made are not actually saved.
Create appointments in the Microsoft Outlook app for iOS or iPadOS, which are not affected by this issue.
Known issue December 20, 2022
Exchange Online calendars may become out of sync after initial Modern Authentication connection attempt
Some clients are unable to connect to Exchange Online in the current device profile. In email, there will be a blocked account notification, but the calendar application does not give warning independent of the mail application.
Remove the email account profile and re-add the account.
Known issue June 24, 2022
Difficulties connecting to Exchange Online via Modern Authentication on initial attempt
Some clients may receive the message "Your email access has been blocked" on initial connection to Exchange Online via Modern Authentication.
Remove the email account profile and re-add the account.
Known issue June 3, 2022
Some Windows Outlook clients cannot connect to Exchange Online
Outlook 2007, 2010, and newer versions last updated in 2017 or earlier will be unable to connect to Exchange Online.
Update to a supported version of Outlook.
Known issue November 3, 2021
After migration, forwarding rules from IU Health may not work
After being migrated to Exchange Online, IU Health users may have difficulties with rules that forward their mail to IU.
Connect to your IU Health email account, re-create the rule, and re-select the contact record for your IU account.
Known issue February 23, 2021
On-premises shared resources not accessible
On-premises shared resources, such as mailboxes, calendars, and public folders, are not accessible once an account has been migrated to Exchange Online.
An on-premises account is required to access on-premises resources. A new on-premises account (for example, a group account) will need to be created if an existing on-premises account with permissions to access the needed resource is not available. Also, UITS recommends replacing public folders with resource rooms; for more, see About public folders and Exchange Online.
Known issue February 23, 2021
General slowness when sending, receiving, or searching emails
Sending, receiving, or searching emails 24-48 hours after a migration is likely to be slow due to the reindexing of mailboxes.
This issue should resolve itself 24-48 hours after a migration. If it has been more than two days and the issue persists, contact your local UITS support person or the Support Center.
Known issue February 5, 2021
After migrated, shared calendars in Outlook may stop updating
After migration, shared calendars that have been added to Outlook may still appear, but they will stop updating due to the authentication to them no longer being valid.
Remove and re-add shared calendars to update authentication to them.
Known issue February 4, 2021
Inability to successfully authenticate using mail clients (such as Outlook)
There are repeated prompts for credentials, and you are unable to connect using mail clients, but you are able to log into Outlook on the web.
Ensure that you passphrase does not end with a space or other escape type characters (for example, /, ?, %, and others)
Known issue February 4, 2021
To Do items, as well as pinned and recent items, may not be preserved.
Content in Microsoft To Do and pinned/recent items may not transfer when you are migrated to Exchange Online.
Unfortunately, you'll need to recreate these.
Known issue November 25, 2020
License errors when accessing group accounts
When accessing a group account, a license error can occur if the mailbox type was not updated after migration.

Contact the Support Center so they can work with the Exchange administrators to resolve the issue.

Can be resolved with an account update
November 9, 2020
Exchange call trees no longer work in Exchange Online (feature has been removed)
Advanced call forwarding and call routing rules available in Exchange on prem do not currently exist in Exchange Online.
Create a new on-prem Exchange account to use until a solution can be determined.
Known issue October 19, 2020
Exchange Online has lower limit for quotas on group accounts
Group accounts that exceed 50 GB of storage will not be able to receive or send email.
Archive email (to secondary account, .pst, etc.) to stay under the 50 GB limit.
Known issue October 19, 2020
Meeting touch panels using resources migrated to EXO in the ICTC and CIB are generating an error
Touch panels located in the CIB and ICTC area cannot be used for scheduling walk-up meetings.
Being investigated by administrators. Will need to update the touch panels to point to Exchange Online environment.
Known issue October 19, 2020
FASA rights do not work with some mailboxes in Exchange Online
Full Access/Send As (FASA) rights do not work with Exchange Online unless the AD group with FASA rights was mail-enabled before the mailbox migrated from on-premises Exchange to Exchange Online.
Mail-enable the AD group, remove FASA permissions from the group, and then re-add FASA permissions. You may have to wait for this change to propagate to Exchange Online.
Known issue October 7, 2020
Some email clients cannot authenticate to Exchange Online
Some email clients (for example, Thunderbird) do not support the authentication method used in Exchange Online.
Use an email client that supports modern authentication protocols.
Known issue July 17, 2020
Unable to send encrypted messages from on-premises to Exchange Online and vice versa
Exchange Online uses a different Global Address List (GAL) from the on-premises environment, so digital certificates that are used to encrypt messages are unable to communicate with the other environment's GAL.
This issue will be resolved when on-premises users are migrated to Exchange Online.
Known issue July 6, 2020
Limited calendar sharing permissions between Exchange Online and Exchange on-premises users
After someone is migrated to Exchange Online, the highest permission level that an on-premises Exchange user can grant the Exchange Online user is the ability to view free/busy status. This limitation does not exist in the other direction (an Exchange Online user should be able to grant any permissions desired to an on-premises user).
The issue will be resolved when on-premises users are migrated to Exchange Online.
Known issue May 28, 2020
Mac Outlook clients show limited resource room details
Outlook for Mac cannot access full details about resource rooms on premises (for example, free/busy information).
Use a Windows version of Outlook, or request that the resource room be migrated to Exchange Online.
Known issue March 18, 2020
Outlook cached contacts
After someone is migrated to Exchange Online, other people that have emailed them previously may have issues sending messages to the new mailbox because of a cached contact in their Outlook profile.
To clear a cached contact, start typing the name in the "To:" line of an email message. You'll see an x to the right of the contact name when it pops up. Click the x, and then enter the contact name into the "To:" line again.
Known issue December 20, 2019
Shared calendar security prompt
After someone is migrated to Exchange Online, people who have not yet migrated may receive a password prompt when attempting to view the migrated user's shared calendar in Outlook.

When trying to view a shared calendar, authenticate as (not your campus-specific email address). If the prompt continues to appear after a successful authentication, follow these Microsoft instructions to force a Modern Authentication session.

This contains instructions for editing the registry. If you make any error while editing the registry, you can potentially cause Windows to fail or be unable to boot, requiring you to reinstall Windows. Edit the registry at your own risk. Always back up the registry before making any changes. If you do not feel comfortable editing the registry, do not attempt these instructions. Instead, seek the help of a computing support provider.
Known issue December 20, 2019

Minor issues

Issue Description Solution Status Last updated
Unable to make changes to distribution groups (including mail-enabled security groups) using Outlook on the web ( or the Outlook desktop application
In Outlook on the web, you will receive an error which reads in part "The action <action name> can't be performed on the object <group name> because the object is being synchronized from your on-premises organization" will occur. You will receive a similar but less specific error in the desktop application.
Local UITS support people can use Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) to make the change.
Known issue March 11, 2021
After migration, some email messages bounce

After being migrated, some email messages bounce with the following error message:

Remote Server returned '550 5.6.2 SMTPSEND.BareLinefeedsAreIllegal; message contains bare linefeeds, which cannot be sent via DATA'"

This occurs when a bare line feed character is present in an email message and the destination server does not support SMTP chunking/SMTP BDAT, as defined in RFC 3030. Some mail clients, such as default mail clients for Android, may implement bare line feeds.

Switch to a mail client that does not use bare line feeds, such as Outlook. If an email chain includes bare line feeds, create a new email chain from a client that does not implement bare line feeds.
Known issue February 9, 2021
Outlook may show a "We can't show MailTips right now" message with certain email addresses
This message can appear if an address that does not correspond to an Exchange Online mailbox enabled user is entered. For more details, see We can't show MailTips right now warning in Outlook in Microsoft 365
This behavior is by design. Known issue February 4, 2021
After migration, a "Something went wrong" message may appear when trying to access Outlook on the web
A "Something went wrong" message can appear after migration due to cache issues in the web browser.
Clear the cache and cookies in your web browser (see Clear your web browser's cache, cookies, and history).
Known issue February 4, 2021
Unable to access voice mail from a physical phone
At this time there isn't a way to access voice mail from physical phones after you're moved to Exchange Online.
You can access your voice mail via Microsoft Teams at IU.
Known issue January 7, 2021

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