ARCHIVED: Host PINS and privileges for "23" video bridge conferences

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UITS Collaboration Technologies retired the "23" video bridge (Pexip) on December 23, 2019. This includes all conferences that begin with the prefix 23- as well as the and sites. Zoom has replaced the Pexip videoconferencing service; for more about moving your virtual meetings to Zoom, see Get started with Zoom.

While it is not possible to migrate a 23- conference number to the Zoom service, you can customize your Zoom Personal Meeting ID; for more, see What is Personal Meeting ID (PMI) and Personal Link?

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About host PINS and privileges

Each "23" video bridge conference is configured with a host PIN of four to 10 digits. Only the host needs to know this PIN.

The host PIN provides an added layer of security by controlling access to the conference. Participants who know the 23 conference's alias but not the host PIN can connect to the conference at any time, but see a hold screen until the host joins and activates the meeting with the host PIN.

When connecting from a room system, you may need to press the pound key (#) on the remote before entering the host PIN.

Configure the host PIN

To configure the host PIN when creating a 23 conference, see 23 Conference Creator Tools.

To change the host PIN from the 23 Conference Creator Tools, select Change 23 Conference host PIN. If you have assigned 23 conference delegates, they can change the host PIN on your behalf.

Do not change the host PIN while a meeting is in progress.

Mute and unmute a conference participant's audio

Roster management functions are available only for participants who are logged in with the host PIN from the ARCHIVED: Pexip Web App or the ARCHIVED: Pexip mobile app.

To mute or unmute a participant, select the participant, and then toggle "Enable audio from Participant" ON or OFF. This will not affect participants' speakers or microphone settings; they will still hear the conference audio, but they will not be heard.

Add and disconnect conference participants

To add a participant, from the top of the participant list, click + (the plus sign), and then type an alias, such as:

  • Phone number (domestic US only): <10-digit-phone-number>
  • Skype for Business user ID: username@<iu domain>
  • IU room system alias: <system-name>

    Non-IU room or user aliases are not supported at this time.

To disconnect a participant, select the participant, and then click Disconnect Participant.

Get help

For help or to learn more, contact UITS Learning Spaces Support.

To connect with a mobile device, see ARCHIVED: About the Pexip mobile app.

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