How supervisors and Data Managers establish access to institutional data and applications for individuals

Following is the procedure for supervisors and Data Managers to set up an individual's access to applications and institutional data.


Individuals needing access must complete these steps beforehand:

  1. Create their own first computing accounts, if needed. For affiliates, the supervisor/sponsor must request sponsorship of the affiliate account before the individual can create it.
  2. Complete the Acceptable Use Agreement.

    All students, faculty, staff, and affiliates must complete the Acceptable Use Agreement every two years. In most cases, an IU Login interrupt will notify you when your previous agreement expires.

For an overview of the entire process individuals themselves must follow for appropriate access, see Access to IU institutional data and applications.

Then, the process for data access can continue:

  1. The supervisor/sponsor (access coordinator) requests access to applications and data:
    1. Validate the individual's completion of the Acceptable Use Agreement.

      Go to Check Agreement Status.

    2. To request appropriate access, choose from the list below:
  2. Data Managers process the application and data access request.
    1. Data Managers check the status of the requester (such as individual or designated appointee).
    2. Data Managers then take appropriate action.
For access requiring it, individuals will need to set up Two-Step Login (Duo).

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