Compare cloud storage sync clients and editing options on Windows and Mac computers at IU

UITS recommends using Microsoft OneDrive at IU and Google at IU My Drive for individual storage only, not for departmental storage. For more on determining the type of data you are storing, and what storage options are available, see Options for storing files at IU.
OneDrive Google My Drive
Sync apps available Sync OneDrive files
Drive for desktop, Google Docs Offline (Chrome extension)
Access files directly through file explorers
OneDrive clients Drive for desktop
Access offline copies of files OneDrive clients Drive for desktop
Access folders that are shared with you but that you do not own directly through file explorers
Open in browser, choose Sync, and you’ll then see the folder in OneDrive local (under the Indiana University link)
Drive for desktop, but only for files in Google Shared Drives
Open and edit files in a desktop program from the browser file view
The hamburger menu has options to open in the app or in the browser
Google Docs Offline Chrome extension
Open and edit files in online apps
Microsoft 365
Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, etc.; Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides

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