ARCHIVED: How do I set up and use IUanyWare on a computer or laptop?

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For smartphone or tablet instructions, see ARCHIVED: How do I set up and run IUanyWare applications on my mobile device?

The correct IUanyWare URL is; to avoid misleading warning messages, always use the https:// prefix for a secure connection.


Log into IUanyWare with your IU Network ID. The first time you do so, you will be prompted to install the necessary Citrix receiver.

IUanyWare offers two file storage options:

  • Local file storage available on your client device
  • Cloud storage available from your IUanyWare session
Do not store files in IUanyWare; you can instead use the Cloud Storage service.

Using IUanyWare

  • Log into IUanyWare from any on- or off-campus location to access a broad range of general-purpose and discipline-specific applications. These will appear as icons inside folders organized by category; for instance, you will find Microsoft Word 2013 under Office Tools and then Microsoft Office 2013.
  • Click an icon to run the virtualized application.
  • When you've finished with the application, you can close it normally.
  • When you're finished with IUanyWare, especially if you're on a public computer (e.g., in an STC), click Log Off and close your browser as well.
To ensure optimum performance, your IUanyWare profile is reset at the end of each academic year (between summer and fall); for details, see About the IUanyWare user profile reset.

For help with IUanyWare, contact your campus Support Center, or search this Knowledge Base.

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