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Before you begin

All apps created for Box, including both those developed by Box and by third-party developers, are available for your use with Box at Indiana University. You may use any apps you wish with your personal data. However, you may use only the apps on the approved list with institutional data. Make certain you understand this important distinction before using apps with Box at IU. Be sure to both 1) follow the guidelines for appropriate data for Box at IU, and 2) use only the IU-approved apps listed below when dealing with institutional data.


UITS recommends installing Box Edit. Box Edit allows you to open a file directly from the Box website, edit it in the file's native application, and then save it directly to Box. This eliminates the need to manually download and upload files.

Apps approved for use with institutional data in Box

Apps approved for use with PHI

The following apps may be used with any kind of institutional data that is allowed in Box, including protected health information (PHI):

  • Box Edit
  • Box for Android
  • Box for Android Tablet
  • Box for BlackBerry
  • Box for BlackBerry PlayBook
  • Box Capture
  • Box for Chatter
  • Box for Courier
  • Box for iPad
  • Box for iPhone
  • Box for Office (not to be confused with Box for Office Online; see below)
  • Box for Outlook
  • Box for TouchPad
  • Box for Windows 10
  • Box for Windows 8.x
  • Box for Windows Phone
  • Box SimpleShare
  • Box Sync for Mac
  • Box Sync for Windows

Linux users: There are no dedicated Box apps for Linux; for alternatives, see Using Box under Linux.

Apps not approved for use with PHI

The following apps, while approved for use with institutional data, are not currently approved for use with PHI:

Use apps with Box

When connecting to your IU Box account from any non-IU login screen, enter your IU email address and no password (any password you enter will be ignored). You will be redirected to CAS to log in with your IU credentials. A few applications will not redirect you to CAS; these require you to enter an external password. Do not enter your IU passphrase on any non-IU login screen.

You can learn more about using apps with your Box account from tutorials at Box University ; use Single Sign-On if you're not already logged into Box, and then, under "Suggested Training", select Box User Essentials Interactive Self-Paced.

Why all apps aren't available for use with institutional data

Institutional data is subject to certain safeguards and restrictions, and many available Box apps are not in compliance. Third-party applications that work with Box (for example, applications to edit Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF files) may take the data out of the protected Box environment and onto that company's application servers. IU's contract with Box does not extend to those companies or applications, so their use for institutional data is disallowed.

Only applications that have been vetted and approved by the University Information Security Office will be authorized for use with institutional data. Third-party applications are approved for Box at IU based upon various criteria, including security, functionality, stability, and usability.

To request that a new app be evaluated for use with institutional data, email ithelp@iu.edu.

Use apps for personal data in Box

You may use any apps you wish, including the above, for your personal files and data. Third-party applications, however, are not covered under the university's contract. Use them at your discretion, as UITS cannot support these applications directly.

iPad users: Additional Box apps for the iPad are available, but you currently must search for them within the Box iPad app. For more, see OneCloud: Overview and FAQs.

Linux users: There are no dedicated Box apps for Linux; for alternatives, see Using Box under Linux.

Install apps

For instructions for adding an app, see Box's Apps overview and FAQ. Also, see the Box video: Applications.

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