ARCHIVED: About moving your Cyrus (Webmail) account to Exchange

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UITS will shut down the Cyrus (Webmail) email system on February 1, 2016; see ARCHIVED: About the Cyrus (Webmail) retirement. The retirement process began in February 2015, and included the release of a tool to automatically migrate email from Cyrus. If you have a Cyrus account or are responsible for a group account, you should take the following steps to ensure continued access to your messages and data.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

Prepare your mail accounts

Create an Exchange account

If you do not already have an Exchange account, you will need to create one; see ARCHIVED: Exchange accounts at IU

You may need to wait up to 24 hours for your Exchange account to become active; when it does, proceed to the next step.

Set your preferred email service to Exchange

Register Exchange as your preferred service; see Change your primary email address and set delivery for your email addresses. This notifies the IU mail servers where to deliver mail addressed to your primary IU email address. Until you've made this change, you will have to regularly check both your Cyrus and your Exchange accounts for new messages.

Transfer email that you want to keep

Request an automatic migration

After you have created an Exchange account and set your mail forwarding, you can request an automatic migration of all of your Cyrus messages. See You do not have sufficient permission to view this document..

Your account will be placed on a schedule to be migrated with an automated tool; you will be notified by email when you are scheduled, just before your migration is to begin, and when it is complete. You will also be unsubscribed from further communications about the Cyrus retirement. Migration of all your messages may take up to two business days.

If you have any important messages, data, or research or work products in your Cyrus account, you should retrieve them and save them in another location before you request the migration. No automated process is perfect, and UITS cannot be responsible for lost data.

Move your messages yourself

To manually move your Cyrus messages, see ARCHIVED: How can I manually move messages from Cyrus (Webmail) to an Exchange account?

Your Exchange account is ready to use, and you can now re-create your rules and settings from before, if desired, or import a contact list; see your email client's Help menu for instructions. Contact your campus Support Center for assistance; use ITHelpLive if you need a Support Center consultant to work on your computer remotely.

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