IU account access chart for non-enrolled students

The following chart shows accounts and services available to students not currently enrolled at Indiana University. For more about computing account access for non-enrolled students, see Student computing accounts, data, and software when you leave IU. Also, see Lifecycle of typical computing accounts from creation to deletion.

Admitted students do not currently have access to Zoom at IU.
Admitted, never enrolled in courses
Not currently enrolled in courses, enrolled within the past two terms
Not enrolled in courses for two consecutive terms
Not enrolled in courses for five years
Adobe Creative Cloud No No No No
Canvas Yes Yes Yes No
eduroam Yes; see note Yes No No
Exchange Yes Yes
No, deleted 30 days after disable
Google at IU Yes Yes No, deleted after you've been separated from IU for more than 30 days No
IU Secure Yes; see note Yes No No
IUanyWare No No No No
IUware No No No No
Microsoft 365 No Yes No No
One.IU Yes Yes Limited access No
Online library resources No Yes No No
STC login Yes Yes No No
STC printing Yes Yes No No
VPN No Yes No No
  • Students who are admitted but not yet enrolled can only open web pages on eduroam or IU Secure. Other internet services (for example, email or chat clients, gaming services, etc.) will not work until you have enrolled status.

  • Student, faculty, and staff accounts that have been disabled but not yet deleted may be eligible for temporary re-enabling within the first 30 days to allow account owners to retrieve needed personal files or make final changes to their accounts. Account owners will be granted temporary access only once.

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