VPN split tunneling at IU

As of March 24, 2020, Indiana University's SSL VPN employs split tunneling for most users in order to lessen the load on the VPN service and allow for more concurrent users.

Split tunneling means that only network traffic to resources residing at IU is routed through the encrypted VPN. Traffic to cloud-based applications does not use your IU VPN connection; that is, it is the same as not being on the IU VPN service.

For example, these services do not travel over the IU VPN with split tunneling:

Services that do use the IU VPN with split tunneling include:

  • Implementation of VPN split tunneling may affect your off-campus access to non-IU scholarly databases and journals, such as JSTOR. Because split tunneling routes external (non-IU) traffic outside the VPN, your connection will appear to the provider as coming from a device outside the IU network; consequently, you will be denied access to resources that are reserved for IU users.

    Whether you're connected to the VPN or not, you can access IU databases and journals via your campus library's website.

  • Split tunneling is not used for the IU Groups VPN.
  • With split tunneling, some streaming services and/or web content may not be supported/available when using the VPN outside of the US.

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