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Glean is a notetaking application that allows you to combine audio recording, text notes and slides to improve your learning and productivity. Below are different ways you can access Glean at IU once your Glean account is set up.

  • At Indiana University, access to Glean is granted by your campus ADA services office. Contact the ADA services office on your campus to learn about arranging a course or workplace accommodation for your needs.
  • Once your accommodation is in place, you will receive an invitation email to setup your Glean account. If you do not receive the email from Glean App, check the spam/junk folder in your IU email. If you still can't find your Glean App invitation email, then contact your campus Support Center.

Access Glean

Personal computer

You can access Glean is via a web browser on your Windows, Mac, Chromebook, smartphone, or tablet. Glean supports the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers. To see if your devices are compatible with Glean, review System requirements to use Glean for Web and Mobile.

STC computing labs

Glean is available in all of the STC computing labs across all of the IU campuses. You will access Glean from using either the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser. To find STC computing labs for your IU campus, see About the IU STCs (computing labs).


To use Glean on an IUanyWare Desktop, you will need to access your account using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

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