ARCHIVED: In IUB and IUPUI campus housing, how can TCC help me connect my computer to the campus network?

In Indiana University Bloomington and IUPUI campus housing, UITS Technology Center Consulting (TCC) will assist you as a campus resident in connecting your computer to the campus network via the data jacks in your residence.

The IU Secure wireless network is available in most IU Bloomington and IUPUI campus residences.

IU Bloomington: You may operate a properly configured, FCC-approved wireless access point (WAP) as an exception to the Extending the University Data Network (IT-19) and Wireless Networking (IT-20) policies from the University Information Policy Office (UIPO) only if your residence is listed at Wireless Networking: Temporary Exception 2 (ITE20-02). Once IU Secure is available in your residence, this exception will no longer apply and you will need to remove your WAP from the network. See At IUB, if my campus residence does not yet have IU Secure wireless network access, how do I configure a wireless access point?

IUPUI: IU Secure is not available at Park Place. AT&T provides high-speed wireless access to Park Place residents.

If you are having problems connecting your computer, contact the Support Center. If necessary, Support Center staff will forward information about the problem to TCC consultants, who can do the following, as needed:

  • Install appropriate vendor-supplied Ethernet card drivers compatible with your supported operating system. You must have your Ethernet card already installed before the consultant arrives.
  • At IUPUI, install the Printer Finder utility.
  • Check the data jack to make sure it's working.
  • If only one of the two room data jacks is working, temporarily provide an Ethernet hub for the second computer, until the other jack can be activated.

TCC consultants will not do the following:

  • Install hardware or assist you with installing your own hardware. This includes scanners, printers, CD or DVD drives and burners, sound cards, graphics cards, or any peripherals.
  • Provide a hub to connect multiple computers within your on-campus residence. They will help you configure a hub you supply, but it must meet IU's IT policies. For more, see In IUB and IUPUI campus housing, may I connect multiple computers to the campus network?
  • Install/upgrade operating systems, or install/upgrade any applications, including the Microsoft Office Suite. For this type of assistance, the IUB UITS Support Center provides a fee-based carry-in service. For more, see IUB Carry-in Consulting services and pricing and Recommended Windows operating systems at IU.

    The only exception is that consultants will provide in-room service to assist you in installing communications software (e.g., SSH Secure Shell, MacSFTP), web browsers, security software, and service packs insofar as this facilitates your connection to the IU network.

To connect a wired (Ethernet, cabled) device to the IU network, you first need to register the device.

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