Run or schedule reports in the IUIE

Run a report

To run a report in the IUIE, select a report object from either the Master Catalog or your personal My Catalog index of report objects, and then fill in any parameters you wish. To submit the report object, select Run at the bottom of the page.

Schedule a report

IUIE user scheduling allows you to schedule the execution of a report object at a specified date and time, or on a specified recurring basis during IUIE online hours. You can schedule, run, and update the execution of any report object within the IUIE application to which you have access.

Scheduling occurs within My Catalog and is available from report objects whose parameters you have saved using the Save Settings button. Following are the specific steps for the stages of the scheduling process.

Prepare a report for scheduling

  1. In the Master Catalog, select a report object from the list.
  2. Select the desired report parameters.
  3. To save the report parameters, select Save Settings. This step creates a shortcut with these parameters in the New Shortcuts folder of My Catalog. When you open a shortcut with saved parameters, a Schedule button appears near the bottom of the form.

Schedule a report to run

  1. In My Catalog, open the saved report from the New Shortcuts folder (or from another folder, if you've moved the saved report).
  2. If you change any report parameters, save the report by selecting Save Settings.
  3. To open the schedule form, select Schedule. Select the desired scheduling parameters, and then save the schedule. This places a shortcut in your Scheduled Jobs folder.

Edit a report schedule

  1. In My Catalog, open the Scheduled Jobs folder.
  2. From the list of scheduled jobs, select the job name.
  3. Edit the scheduling parameters as needed, and then save the form.

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