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Extended maintenance for IUanyWare

IUanyWare is scheduled for an extended maintenance period from Saturday, May 8, 2021, until Sunday evening, May 9, 2021. Users may experience intermittent or no connectivity during this time. This impacts all applications and desktops published in IUanyWare, including:

  • STC desktops
  • Media School ICR desktops
  • ENGR desktops
  • Dentistry
  • Global NOC
  • Speech and Hearing

On the morning of Monday, May 10, 2021, connections will return to normal. No changes are being made for users at this time.

STC lab PCs

UITS has made it possible for students, faculty, and staff to access Windows computers in the STCs remotely during campus closures using IUanyWare. This new desktop is listed as the "STC Lab Desktop". STC Mac labs are not available via IUanyWare.

For more information, see Use IUanyWare to access IU STC labs during COVID-19.

New virtual desktop offering

You may notice a new list of available desktops in the Desktops tab of IUanyWare. Departments that are interested in exploring this option should contact the Support Center.

IUanyWare Desktop 2

On March 25, 2020, a new desktop called IUanyWare Desktop 2 was published.

If you are switching between the IU SSL VPN to the IUanyWare desktop, you should use IUanyWare Desktop 2. This desktop does not share the same profile as the original IUanyWare desktop. You will need to configure application settings such as bookmarks, Outlook profiles, and digital signatures for IUanyWare Desktop 2.

IUanyWare Desktop 2 uses additional resources to expand the capacity of the IUanyWare desktop offering.

IU Login

IUanyWare's website login began using IU Login on October 11, 2019.

Application and desktop retirements

The Legacy AT Desktop was retired on December 31, 2019.

The Legacy_IUB, Legacy_IUPUI, and Regional desktops were retired in August 2019. The IUanyWare Desktop replaced all three.

As of August 15, 2019, the following applications have been retired from IUanyWare:

  • Adobe Acrobat XI Pro
  • Microsoft Access 2013
  • Microsoft Excel 2013
  • Microsoft OneNote 2013
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
  • Microsoft Project 2013
  • Microsoft Publisher 2013
  • Microsoft Visio 2013
  • Microsoft Word 2013
  • PuttyGen
  • TextPad
  • PTC CREO 1. Creo 4.0 will be added to IUanyWare.
  • Creo Parametric 2
  • Creo Simulate 1
  • Creo Simulate 2
  • CLN Signup
  • IU Sharepoint Online
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Designer 2010

The Windows 10 AT desktop went live in May 2019, and is now referred to as the AT Desktop.

The Windows 8.x online desktop was retired on May 5, 2019. Use the IUanyWare Desktop in its place.

Virtual desktops

The IUanyWare Desktop is IUanyWare's version of Windows 10 for students, faculty, and staff. The older "Legacy" desktops were retired in summer 2019.

Citrix Workspace app replaces the Citrix Receiver

Citrix has replaced the Citrix Receiver with the Citrix Workspace app. In most cases, the Workspace app is backward-compatible, and should not require additional maintenance. If auto-update is enabled on your device, the app should update automatically. You'll notice a blue Citrix icon in your system tray or App Store representing the Workspace app.

You can download the latest version of the Workspace app at

For a list of the latest Workspace app downloads, see Citrix Workspace app downloads.

To learn more about the end-of-maintenance and end-of-life dates for previous receivers, see Lifecycle Milestones for Citrix Workspace app & Citrix Receiver.

Use IUanyWare

To get started using IUanyWare, see Set up and use IUanyWare.

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