About the Adobe Connect retirement

Adobe Connect, Indiana University's web collaboration and conferencing system, will be retired in 2017. If you use Adobe Connect, you should take steps to preserve any archived meeting recordings you wish to keep.

Zoom has been selected to replace Adobe Connect and is currently available to all IU students, faculty, and staff. UITS encourages you to establish a Zoom account and become familiar with the service before Connect is retired; for help getting started, see At IU, what is Zoom, and how do I use it?

For more about the results of the Zoom pilot, see the Zoom @ IU Evaluation Report of the Pilot Implemented in 2015-2016.

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The transition from Adobe Connect to Zoom will move through the following phases:

  • Preparation phase (February 1-August 31, 2017): During this period, Adobe Connect will continue to be available for web conferencing and collaboration.
  • Read-only phase (September 1-December 28, 2017): In Adobe Connect's read-only phase, you will be able to access and download previously created recordings and content, but will be unable to conduct live meetings.
  • Connect fully retired (December 29, 2017): Adobe Connect will no longer be available, and you will be unable to log in or retrieve your content.

Suggested actions

Archiving Adobe Connect meeting recordings

If you have meeting recordings on the Adobe Connect server that you want to keep, you can download them and republish them to a new location. For instance, you can upload your recordings to Kaltura; Kaltura videos are accessible through your Canvas course site(s), or you can add them to web pages via links or embed codes. All videos uploaded to Kaltura will be automatically machine captioned.


Over the next few months, UITS will be converting all Adobe Connect recordings to MP4 format. By early summer, you will be able to save converted files to your computer and upload them to Box or Kaltura. If you want to keep your Adobe Connect recordings, UITS recommends waiting until the conversion process is complete; however, you can also manually archive recordings. When you download a Connect recording, the recording is made in real time (e.g., an hour-long recording will take an hour to download). While the recording is being made, it's best not to use your computer for anything else to avoid audio syncing issues in the resulting file.

To make an offline recording of an Adobe Connect meeting, see How can I download an MP4 version of my Adobe Connect recording? For instructions for uploading the resulting MP4 file to Kaltura, see Uploading media to Kaltura MediaSpace.

Exporting Adobe Presenter recordings

If you wish to keep Adobe Presenter files published to the Adobe Connect server, you will need to move them to another location by December 28, 2017.

UITS will offer a migration service for users who need assistance moving Presenter content in late spring or early summer.

For help, see:

Getting help

For help with preserving your Adobe Connect or Presenter recordings and transitioning to Zoom:

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