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Network ID (username and passphrase)

Your Network ID, consisting of your IU username and passphrase, is the key to your electronic identity at IU. New students and employees (as well as IU affiliates whose accounts are sponsored by an IU employee) will typically receive a Network ID and an ADS domain account as their first computing accounts at IU; group and conference accounts will also receive a Network ID upon account creation. The Network ID and ADS domain accounts allow you to access a variety of IT services. After you have received your Network ID, you can create other accounts for yourself (for example, accounts on specific computer systems or storage systems).

ADS authentication (Windows services)

Your ADS domain account allows you to access a variety of Windows-based services at IU. New IU employees and students receive a Network ID and ADS domain account when they create their first computing accounts.

IU Login (formerly CAS)

IU Login (formerly CAS) allows you to access multiple passphrase-protected web-based systems at IU.

Guest accounts

If you are not formally affiliated with IU and are not eligible for a sponsored account, a Guest account allows you access to a limited set of IT services. (In addition to the UITS Guest account described here, some IU units may offer their own guest accounts to provide access to their services. For details, contact the unit you are interested in accessing.)


Your username is assigned automatically and consists of letters based on your last name, your first name, and possibly your middle name. Your email address consists of your username followed by the appropriate campus designation. Under certain conditions, you may change your username.

Virtual private network (VPN)

You can use the IU VPN for remote access to the IU network. If you're connected to an off-campus network (for example, using a non-IU internet service provider), the VPN allows you to authenticate and act as part of the IU network. This provides access to IU resources (for example, library databases) as if you were on campus.

In most cases, you can access the VPN on your home campus by using your ADS domain account. In general, new students and employees receive an ADS domain account automatically.

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