ARCHIVED: Use multiple usernames with one Two-Step Login (Duo) device

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For information about using Duo with group accounts, see Use Two-Step Login (Duo) with a group account.

The Duo Mobile app supports multiple usernames per device. If you have more than one IU username, you can repeat the enrollment process by authenticating with an alternate username, being sure that you are not already logged into CAS when you access Two-Step Login (Duo).

Single-button hardware tokens (SBHTs) also support multiple usernames, as long as only one of them is listed as primary (e.g., you have a primary username, and then use your SBHT with group or service accounts). In order to add a group account to an SBHT, both the owner of the group account and the owner of the token must come to a walk-in location with photo IDs. After the IDs have been verified, the SBHT will be added to the group account.

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