ARCHIVED: Oncourse features

Oncourse is retired. For details, see About the Oncourse retirement.

Oncourse offers many features to help instructors and students collaborate and learn more effectively. You will find a brief description of each available tool below. For a more detailed description of a topic, click the appropriate link under "Tools". You can also view multimedia feature demonstrations related to each tool.

For more training and support resources, see ARCHIVED: Support resources for Oncourse migration.



Feature demonstrations

General overview of course, project, and portfolio sites
ARCHIVED: Announcements
Inform site participants of current items of interest
ARCHIVED: Assignments
Create, distribute, collect, and grade online assignments
ARCHIVED: Calendar Post items in calendar format Posting a Calendar Item Feature demonstration
Chat online with participants in your site
Creating Multiple Chat Rooms Feature demonstration
Submit documents to be seen only by your instructor
ARCHIVED: Email Archive
Keep track of site email correspondence
Creating an Alias Feature demonstration
Communicate through discussion forum topics
ARCHIVED: Gradebook Manage grades
ARCHIVED: Lessons (beta)
Organize material to guide students through the learning process
ARCHIVED: Matrices
Submit information demonstrating accomplishment of learning objectives
ARCHIVED: Messages
Communicate using internal course mail
Use RSS to add dynamic news to your site
ARCHIVED: Podcasts
Create, store, and distribute multimedia content to site participants via an RSS feed
Upload a comma-delimited (CSV) spreadsheet to present feedback to site participants
ARCHIVED: Preferences
Control how often you are notified of site activity
ARCHIVED: Presentations
Create learning and showcase portfolios
ARCHIVED: Resources
Make any kind of material available online
ARCHIVED: Site Setup Maintain site settings
ARCHIVED: Syllabus
Post and maintain your official course outline
ARCHIVED: Tests & Surveys
Administer tests and gather survey information
ARCHIVED: Web Content
Choose external websites to display within your worksite
Adding a Web Link Feature demonstration
ARCHIVED: Wiki Create and update wiki pages

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