If you can't access some IU websites or online services

At Indiana University, if you have trouble accessing a secure online service or website, such as Canvas, One.IU, or IUware:

  • Visit Status.IU. The trouble you are experiencing may be part of a larger but temporary system problem. System outages, downtimes, and maintenance are all listed here, along with information about when the relevant services will again be available.
  • Be sure that you have properly entered your IU username and passphrase.
  • You may need to reset your passphrase.
  • If the IU service or website you're trying to access uses IU Login, see Problems logging into IU Login for additional troubleshooting steps.
  • Some browser versions may cause access problems. Installing the most recent updates for your web browser may resolve the problem. You might also try using a different browser entirely (for example, if you were using Edge, try Firefox). For information about browser requirements, see Web browsers to use with IU services.
  • Some spyware and peer-to-peer file sharing software packages may cause errors when accessing some services.
  • Some security software packages as well as newer web browsers include a feature called pop-up blocking, which reduces the number of windows that open when browsing websites. Pop-up blockers alter the JavaScript code of the web page before it is displayed in your web browser. If you have pop-up blocking enabled and you experience oddities interacting with a web page, disable the pop-up blocker and reload the page.
    For recommendations about antivirus software, see Recommended antivirus software at IU.
  • If you can access a secure service, but find that certain links or embedded content within the site display as a blank page, the problem may be the way your browser treats mixed content; see Enabling mixed content in your browser.

If you are having difficulties authenticating to eduroam, IU Secure, or the IU VPN:

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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